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Shared Hosting VS. Dedicated Hosting

When talking about or searching for web hosting services, you have probably heard the terms shared hosting and dedicated hosting? What are these two types of hosting and how do you know which form is right for you? For most individuals and small to medium sized businesses shared hosting services work well. However, there is also a time and a place for dedicated hosting. Let us take a look at each form of hosting; their advantages and disadvantages.


Shared hosting allows anyone to make their website available online for a very reasonable rate each month. Anyone can host a website whether they have very little or very much technical expertise. Shared hosting allows customers to share the cost of web hosting servers, the necessary internet connections, management and maintenance of hosting services and other hosting equipment.


Customers can benefit from reliable and powerful hosting services at an affordable cost when signing up for a shared hosting plan. The hosting provider will maintain all servers and hosting equipment. It will be their responsibility to keep websites up and running. With shared hosting services, multiple websites will be hosted on one server. This keeps costs low for hosting clients since they are “sharing” the servers.


There are many benefits to shared hosting services. The services are very cost effective. In fact, shared hosting packages can be found for only a few dollars a month. Even most of the larger and more extensive shared hosting plans are not much more than $20 per month. Anyone can have a web presence rather quickly with shared hosting services. Oftentimes, a customer can sign up for a hosting package and be online within minutes.


Shared hosting plans do not require a great deal of technical knowledge. In fact, many plans even include templates and website builders to help those who do not already have a website designed. This is a benefit for anyone who wants to build a website but does not have much knowledge or experience doing so.


There can be some potential pitfalls to shared hosting services as well. Depending on how many websites are hosted on one server and how much traffic each site is receiving, some websites could load rather slowly. Anyone trying to access your site could experience delays. This does not always happen, especially with better hosting packages, but it could happen.


If your website will have a great deal of web traffic and uses a lot of web space, shared hosting may not be right for you. In that case, you may want to consider dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting, you will “lease” a server from a web hosting provider. Only your site will be hosted on that server. Your site should load very quickly. The hosting services will be very secure and stable.


Some websites, especially some business websites, can benefit from custom hardware and software. Having a dedicated server will allow you this option. Again, your site will be the only site utilizing the server and therefore you can have your own special specifications as needed by your website. Dedicated server hosting will provide you with the flexibility you need for your website.


The main disadvantage to dedicated hosting is the cost. These services often start out at $80 or more just for a basic dedicated hosting plan. The costs only go up from there. Most individuals and even many businesses simply cannot afford the cost for dedicated hosting. This is why so many people still use shared hosting. For the most part shared hosting is a great option and people can typically host with a shared hosting package without difficulty.




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